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Casually Fun Things to Do in Iceland

Iceland is known as a land filled with incredible places to explore. Covered in fields of green all over, there’s more nature than anyone can hope for and a rich culture that even the most disinterested passers-by will get hooked on. Getting the chance to see the Gullfoss Waterfall and The Blue Lagoon is something no one should miss out on, but even in a place like Iceland a bit of a break from touristy stuff is crucial.


Exploring, Raiding, and Fighting with the Iceland Vikings

For reasons unknown, it’s generally accepted that the first Vikings were simple folk that lived by a simple ethos. However, the truth is that the men and women that first settled Iceland were an extremely complex people.


Iceland Cruise - Totally Different Perspective

Iceland is a popular tourist destination among both Europeans and people from around the world. It's one of the most northerly islands on the planet. This little island inhabits 365.000 people and has an amazing nature to explore. So an Iceland Cruise gives you a totally different perspective.

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