Geothermal Helicopter Adventure

Geothermal Helicopter Adventure

Untouched regions visited away from the crowds with the raw Geothermal energy right underneath you feet

Activities: Sightseeing Tours in Iceland
Price per person:
49900 ISK

Tour description

This tour is so amazing.  Iceland is one of the most dynamic volcanic regions in the world. Shaped by fierce natural forces, straddling the Mid-Atlantic Ridge where the activity of divergent tectonic plates brings heat and magma closer to the earth´s surface, Iceland holds enormous geothermal resources.  Because of its singular geological position, Iceland has the special conditions needed to generate geothermal energy. The high degree of volcanism, along with the world renowned expertise of Icelandic specialists in the field of geothermal energy utilisation, enables Iceland to be the world leader the production of this eco-friendly, sustainable and renewable power.

You will be taken through some of Icelands most active volcanic areas such as Helliheidi Plateau.  Moss covered Lava fields, steaming hot springs off the beaten path are so unique that it will leave you speechless.  No matter the season, all year this tour is always magical to see.

What´s included

  • Expert Pilot
  • 50-60 Minute Helicopter tour with one landing


Departure: Morning and afternoon
Duration: 50-60 Minutes
Operation: All Year.
Minumum 2 passengers 

Please arrive 20 minutes before the scheduled departure time. We are located behind Icelandair Hotel Natura on the East side of the Reykjavík Domestic Airport, a short 5 minutes drive from the city centre.


  • Reykjavík
  • Mt. Hengill
  • Hellisheidi Plateau


Children 2-12 years: 37.425 ISK
Infant 0-1 years: Free
Septermber 2017 offer, Adults: 44.900 ISK 

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